Introducing. . . . Me

Life is too short to stay in one place and the world is too interesting not to explore.  As such, here are stories of the places I have been, physically and vicariously (because who can hold down a full-time job AND travel as much as I would like?)   I have never been to Disney World, and can always predict the gasp of disbelief when I impart this information.  However, I am confident that I have had experiences that not many of my peers can claim.

My first plane ride was at 18 months, and I was bouncing from place to place up until the age of 12.  After seeing castles of Germany, my family settled back in the United States and field trips consisted of jaunts to the local farms. Cows and pigs just don’t evoke the same level of grandeur.

I have been blessed to be able to seize travel opportunities, interact with different cultures and hear histories, both in the US and abroad.  There are still many places to go before I die, many things to see, many tastes to experience.  Bear with me while I impart thoughts and facts.  Any travel suggestions are also welcome.


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