Cill Airne




Killarney, or Cill Airne, is the beginning point of the Ring of Kerry, Mórchuaird Chiarraí, which is a 179-km-long stretch of scenic views.

My personal favorite, Killarney is exactly what I always pictured when I thought of a quaint, European town.  The colorful shop fronts, narrow roads and more people walking than driving lets me know that I am in a different place.

After a buffet breakfast (I steered clear of the blood sausage) we were given the day to explore.  As we set out on foot, we broke up into twos and threes and slowly moved through the town.  I commenced my souvenir-shopping.  A side note, buildings are on a much smaller scale than most in the US.  I felt as if i needed to duck through the doorway (even though I’m not extremely tall and probably didn’t need to).  This, in my opinion, just adds to the charm.

We had a quick local lunch in a restaurant and later found a coffee shop to sit in and people watch.  Locals passed by, smiling and laughing, taking life at a slower, more relaxed pace.  After an afternoon of shopping,we returned to the hotel for dinner and early-to-bed (as we were still fighting jet-lag) not knowing we would wake up to see snow on the mountains.

Snow in March – very unusual for us coming from the Deep South, where temperatures were staring 80 degrees Farenheit in the face.



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