Moving on: Killarney National Park and An Coireán

This photo of Ladies’ View is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Moving south, we stop at the Ladies View in Killarney National Park. As we walk where royals have walked, we find out that Queen Victoria’s ladies-in-waiting deemed the scenery a “view fit for a lady” in an 1861 visit. As we don’t have royalty in the US, this is again an very exciting experience, though it was very difficult to walk upright due to the brutal wind (have I mentioned it was extremely cold?)

We saw the view through a gray mist, the lakes in the distance took on a dark green-gray color, sparkling brightly where the sun peeked through the heavy clouds.

After stretching our legs a bit, we hopped back on the bus and settled in for a long drive to Waterville (An Coireán), the favorite place of one of my favorite actors, Charlie Chaplin.  Unfortunately my personal photograph of the honorary statue of the famous silent film actor is in a box three hours away, so I will have to settle for one from the information superhighway:

Granted, his life was not picture perfect, but he performed some pretty good slapstick comedy.  Even strange events after his death ensured his family couln’t grieve properly (his body was dug up and held for ransom by two immigrants, hoping to extort money from his wife, Oona Chaplin.  It was later found in a field and buried again in the cemetary, reinforced by concrete).

After a long drive to the hotel, we enjoyed dinner at a four-start hotel and headed to our rooms to lie on blissfully soft beds and pillows . . .

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