An Daingean

Oh no!!! My eyes snapped open. Alarm didn’t go off!! I jumped out of bed and woke my roommate.  We scrambled to get our belongings together and to get downstairs.  After a sleepless night, I supposed this was bound to happen.  We made it to the bus with time to spare, though we did miss breakfast.


Our destination is the Dingle Peninsula, and the town of Dingle.  Another beautiful, colorful town, it is a very popular tourist destination.  It was established as a port following the Norman invasion and soon surpassed Limerick in exportation, with wine becoming the major export in the fourteenth century.


And this is Fungie the Dolphin.  A bottlenose dolphin, Fungie frequents the Dingle harbour.  Seeming to prefer human interaction over his own species, Fungie is a major tourist attraction since 1984.  This statue is located in the town square, surrounded by shops and pubs with Irish music.

Again we spent our time shopping and seeing the sights while eating shepherd’s pie and drinking tea.  We hopped on the bus after lunch and headed to the cliffs.


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